Senior Film Editor + Creative Director

William Rast

Justin Timberlake / William Rast

I was acquired to execute (DP & Edit) a handful of film deliverables for the William Rast brand
(founded by Justin Timberlake) in summer 2016.
Below are stills from my footage captured during the shoot.


Client: William Rast
DP / Editor: Rae Ashley
Art Direction / Studio: Mossy Creative
Location: Leiper's Fork, Tennessee

The shoot aimed to capture the essence of the south through textures, motion, and natural sound paired with elegant visuals of the textiles that compose the re-launch of the William Rast brand. 

Final deliverables were finished by Mossy Creative and distributed by Macys.
(The agency did not give permission for the videos to be posted elsewhere, however you can google the shoot <3)

Stills: Rae Ashley