Senior Film Editor + Creative Director

University of Melbourne

I am consistently challenged and enthralled with pioneering approaches to storytelling and its ability to encourage viewership across multiple platforms. The University of Melbourne has a unique opportunity to become the leading creator of eLearning media, and its spectrum of work is alluring. I believe I would be an asset to the team with my leadership and background in production, editing, and attention to detail.



This reel is composed of my favourite moments from end-to-end projects I have produced. I have included sourced sound effects and music from the band Anima!. Clients featured include: The University of Alabama, Justin Timberlake, Dee Dee Bridgewater (National Endowment of the Arts - USA government arts sector), and more.

About the project: The lyrics within the score "No Mind, Never Matter" by Anima! relate to an ethos that directs both my life and my work- to live focused on principles and projects that have a larger impact for good.

“RMIT | Nanobiotechnology” [EOFY Tax Appeal 2019]

In my full-time role as Momentary’s Senior Video Editor & Post Production Manager, I worked directly with staff at RMIT to produce a short video aimed at generating income for the university’s Nanobiotechnology lab. This was a complex project which required me to utilise excellent communication with staff and advanced editing technique to relay dense information through an approachable video. Since the completion of this project, I have continued to produce videos for RMIT staff in varying departments and enjoy the process of getting to learn more about an array of projects at the university.

“FIA Conference 2019 | Recap Video"

I assisted in capturing footage, interviews, editing, and managing the post-production process for the FIA Conference 2019 Recap Video. Filming and editing of this video took place for three days on-site during the conference in early 2019. I enjoyed working with our team and stakeholders to produce a video that our client was extremely satisfied with.

“Banyule City Council | Inclusive Employment Program | Uzma’s Story"

Utilising my extensive knowledge of narrative, I crafted a video (with the Momentary team) that authentically highlighted Uzma’s experience with Banyule City Council’s Inclusive Employment Program, remaining on-message for stakeholders and Banyule City Council.