Senior Film Editor + Creative Director


I am consistently challenged and enthralled with pioneering approaches to storytelling and its ability to encourage viewership across multiple platforms. The North East Link Project has a unique opportunity to become the leading creator of media supporting safety and wellbeing in Victoria, and its spectrum of work is alluring. I believe I would be an asset to the team with my leadership and background in production, editing, and attention to detail.



This reel is composed of my favourite moments from end-to-end projects I have produced. I have included sourced sound effects and music from the band Anima!. Clients featured include: Justin Timberlake, Morton & Mabel, The Pig Preserve, Portland Brew, Nisolo, Dee Dee Bridgewater (National Endowment of the Arts - USA government arts sector), and more.

About the project: The lyrics within the score "No Mind, Never Matter" by Anima! relate to an ethos that directs both my life and my work- to live focused on principles and projects that have a larger impact for good.

“FIA Conference 2019 | Recap Video"

I assisted in capturing footage, interviews, editing, and managing the post-production process for the FIA Conference 2019 Recap Video. Filming and editing of this video took place for three days on-site during the conference in early 2019. I enjoyed working with our team and stakeholders to produce a video that our client was extremely satisfied with.

“Banyule City Council | Inclusive Employment Program | Uzma’s Story"

Utilising my extensive knowledge of narrative, I crafted a video (with the Momentary team) that authentically highlighted Uzma’s experience with Banyule City Council’s Inclusive Employment Program, remaining on-message for stakeholders and Banyule City Council.