Senior Film Editor + Creative Director

G Momma's Cookies

In this short commercial, G Momma's founder Robert Armstrong creates a delicious (and thoughtful) cookie bundle to spread joy to those you love.


Selma Good Co. produces G Momma's cookies in Selma, Alabama.

Founder Robert Armstrong created a cookie bundle similar to what his grandmother used to post to him in the mail.
This film is a short commercial for that delicious cookie bundle product.

"G Momma's Bundle"

Diretor, DP, Editor: Rae Ashley
Executive Producer: Tyler Jones
Coordinating Producer: Bethany Bass
Studio: 1504
Colour Grade: Rae Ashley
Tiny Animation: Rae Ashley
Score: "Indian Summer (Instrumental)" by The Likes Of Us

About the project: One of the first projects I edited for 1504 was a brand video for G Momma's Cookies back in 2012. We kept in touch with Robert, and when the need for a short product video surfaced I was happy to jump on board.