Senior Film Editor + Creative Director

Bradley Mountain

Bradley Mountain

I was acquired to execute (Second DP & Photograph) deliverables for a film featuring the Bradley Mountain brand in 2013.
Below are stills captured during the shoot - and the final video which was directed, filmed, and edited by my dear friend, Jay Salbert.

Previous to this shoot, I had created (directed, DP, and edited) a series of videos for Bradley Mountain in 2011.


Client: Bradley Mountain
Assistant DP, Photographer: Rae Ashley
Director, DP, Editor (for film piece): Jay Salbert
Location: Julian, CA

The shoot aimed to capture a portrait of a man paired with the essence of minimalist camping through visuals in a peaceful and natural setting.

The final deliverable video "Finding Welkin" was finished by Jay Salbert and received a Staff Pick Award on Vimeo.

Stills: Rae Ashley