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Rae Ashley (Rachel) is a film editor and aspiring colourist from Los Angeles, residing in Melbourne, Australia. In 2010, they* attended Biola University for a bit before being swooped up to work for a documentary filmmaking non-profit for the next 3 years in San Diego and Uganda. Since then, their work has supported environmental conservation, gender and racial equality, social enterprise, and the arts through both long and short-form films spanning from Peru to the inner cities of the Deep South. Rae enjoys houseplants, reading intersectional feminist poetry, 35mm film, and has a deep love for all living beings. 

With over 7 years experience as a DoP and editor in Premiere CC, Rae is happy to take on projects of any scale and has worked on set in a variety of positions. They are continuing to grow as a colourist (utilising Davinci Resolve and a grading studio setup) and have additional training in file organisation & management, AC and focus-pulling roles, VR/360, and extensive documentary film pre-to-post production. They are currently available for freelance or long-term contract projects. 

Rates are flexible, as the size and scope of each project varies. Get in touch to find the quote for your specific project. CV available upon request.

*Rae identifies as gender non-conforming and have the preferred pronouns "they/them/their." <3